Brand Yourself 21

Brand Yourself 21 will help in defining your vision, exploring your personal story and creating the personal brand identity. We will work with you to identify your goals and prioritize them, etch your brand identity and create a roadmap with an actionable plan, in 21 days.

  • Defining your Vision and articulation of your Personal story
  • Define your Artistic Identity (Visual Identity, Verbal Tone, & Values)
  • Define Executable Goals
  • Map Your Audience Segments
  • 3-Month Actionable Plan
  • Personal Brand Dossier

Instagram 21

Create an aesthetically-aligned and professional Instagram profile in 21-days. We will work with you to identify your Instagram goals, develop a visual identity, craft a tone for your content and help create posts. At the end of the engagement with us, you will get a restyled Instagram handle, and have a 30-Day plan for your profile.

  • Goal setting for Instagram
  • Setting up (or) Revamping the profile
  • Archival and Clean up of the existing page.
  • Visual Tone – Development
  • Content Tone – Development
  • 6 Instagram post creation as per guidelines
  • 30-Day Kickstarter plan
  • Instagram (Guidelines and Tips)

YouTube 21

Build your YouTube Channel to showcase your work, develop viewership and create more visibility. In this 21-day engagement we will work with you to organize and document your videos and media content, develop a visual aesthetic for your channel, train you on the Channel basics and develop a 30-day actionable plan.

  • Goal Setting for YouTube
  • Create/Revamp Profile & Channel Basics
  • Playlist and Structure of Existing Content
  • Develop a Visual Aesthetic for the Channel
  • Video Structure: Development and Design
  • SEO, Keyword & Hashtag Assistance
  • 30- Day Kickstarter Plan
  • YouTube (Guidelines & Tips)