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Having a well-planned branding strategy for an artist or an arts organisation can help in building meaningful connections with audiences and unlock new opportunities. 


Our comprehensive branding process begins by understanding your artistic journey, your inspirations, and your aspirations. Through in-depth conversations, we uncover the essence of your artistry and work closely with you to translate your artistic style, values, and vision into a coherent and compelling brand identity.

The Brand-21 Consulting Engagement involves the following:

  • Define your Vision and articulation of your personal story

  • Define your Artistic Identity (Visual Identity, Verbal Tone, & Values)

  • Define Executable Goals

  • Understanding your target audience segments

  • Build a 3-month actionable branding and marketing plan

  • A Brand Dossier that encapsulates all the above


Interested? Please write to or fill the contact form below and we will get back to you!

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