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How is it to work with ArtSpire?

Hear from some of our clients on their experience of working with Team ArtSpire. To view an exhaustive list of all clients who have used ArtSpire's services please click here.

Anita Rathnam (Neo Narthaki)

Here is a special shoutout  to Team ArtSpire, a boutique Arts Management Company. I am so delighted with their professional, consistent and reliable attitude. We started working with them about 18 months ago when I decided to launch a new platform called Neo Narthaki and from day 1 they have been at the helm of guiding it the way that I find very laudable. 

Sampradaya 1.jpg
Suma Nair (Sampradaya)

For a startup firm to recognize the gap in the Arts sector and fulfil it so efficiently is truly commendable. As an organisation based in North America, we’ve had the good fortune to work with ArtSpire for about two years now and they have been able to recognize what we need as an artist organisation, how we can support artists, also recognize what the audiences require. It has been truly a joy ride working with them. 

Yamini 1_edited.jpg
Yamini Reddy (Kuchipudi Artist)

ArtSpire is a fun, professional and goal driven team that helps me take my digital communications to the next level. They have also helped me execute and ideate projects which I probably couldn’t have done all by myself and they have really been a wonderful partner on my artistic journey.

1000036749_edd85e1f863be9302f5a1b9e321b08ce-4_1_2023, 6_21_11 pm.jpg
Ambika Kameshwar (RASA)

ArtSpire’s approach to developing our social media presence has been very effective. They are a very enthusiastic  and a very dedicated team and it has been wonderful working with them.

Screenshot 2023-08-23 at 12.53.40 PM.png
Sushila Prakash (Visual Artist)

Working with ArtSpire has been a wonderful experience. The ArtSpire team has been crucial in building an online audience for me on social media. The team is very approachable and committed and they always go the extra mile to get things done.

T V Ramkrishna (Carnatic Musician)

While devising the social media strategy for an artist , the approach of an agency should  be authentic and empathetic. I think here the ArtSpire team has delivered constantly. It gives me a lot of pleasure that our collaborative work today has made us one unified team. 

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