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ArtSpire 6th Anniversary Blog

We celebrated our 6th anniversary in February 2023. We had a series of sessions with some interesting artists and guests who spoke about various aspects on the business and marketing side of the arts. Below are the links the various sessions.


Building an Arts Marketing Mindset | Ramya Rajaraman & Aishwarya Jayaraman

Uncover the strategies behind crafting a unique identity that not only sets you, apart as an artist, but also connects you with audiences. Irrespective of whether you are a musician or dancer or any performing arts professional, personal branding is the invisible thread that weaves and creates an authentic visibility for your artistic journey.

The talk is presented by Ramya Rajaraman, Founder & Director, ArtSpire an Arts Management Company based in Chennai, India and Toronto Canada & Aishwarya Jayaraman, Senior Consultant, ArtSpire.


Carrying Forward the Legacy | A Conversation with CP Satyajit, Artistic Director, Bharata Kalanjali

Bharathakalanjali, a renowned institution in the world of performing arts, embarked on a transformative journey with ArtSpire that encompassed both reimagination of the brand and adaptation. ArtSpire has worked with Bharathakalanjali to strategize, plan and execute their rebranding and repositioning efforts in the digital realm while staying true to its artistic roots.


Possibilities & Pitfalls while Embracing Social Media An Artist’s perspective | Bharat Sundar, Carnatic Musician

In the digital realm, slow and steady growth is the key to success. Carnatic Musician Bharat Sundar shared with us on how by consistently sharing valuable content, artists can organically attract and grow new audiences. A planned social media approach offers limitless possibilities for connecting with new enthusiasts and expanding artists’ their career horizons. In the world of social media, content is king, and it's the only thing that truly matters.


Digital Media as a Game Changer | Insights from running a digital platform Shaale by Skanda

Shale builds technologies that help Artists monetize and grow professionally. Skanda, the founder emphasizes the need to expand the media market size by catering to the audience's demand for high-quality content. He acknowledges the challenge of reaching new viewers and highlights how Shaale helps emerging artists to build a vibrant community by providing them a platform to showcase their work.


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