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ArtSpire Learning Initiatives

ArtSpire Learning Initiatives

Today, artists and arts organisations are expected to be versatile and skilled, not just in creating their art or artistic initiative, but in managing the business of the art as well. And marketing is one of the most crucial activities for artists and organisations to consistently work on, in order to stay relevant.

Over the past five years since its inception, ArtSpire has done significant work in Arts Marketing helping artists and arts organisations building audiences and generate revenue through strategically planned marketing initiatives.

Listed below are an array of learning initiatives, which range from getting an in-depth understanding on the fundamentals of marketing for the Indian Performing Arts sector to building specific skills that are essential for an artist or arts organisation today.

Read more below and connect with us if you would like to know more about any of the below initiatives write to or DM us on Instagram @teamartspire.

A. Arts Marketing & Audience Development Program

This Learning Session presented by ArtSpire offers an in-depth understanding on the fundamentals of marketing for the Indian Performing Arts sector. You will learn the key principles and thinking required as a performing artiste or organization to develop a marketing strategy for your artistic practice.


  • Learn to apply the core marketing principles in your own artistic practice or your initiatives.

  • Identify who your target audiences are and build a communications approach to engage with them

  • Build a comprehensive marketing plan customised for your artistic practice or initiative

  • Understand marketing data and make informed decisions based on the data


Session 1 : Introduction to Arts Marketing

This session will explore the role of Arts Marketing in the context of Indian Performing Arts, how it has evolved and its relevance today.

Session 2 : Developing an Arts Marketing Mindset

This session will delve into the importance of cultivating a marketing thinking and how understanding the “Self” plays a crucial role in Arts Marketing. Participants will learn the various aspects of marketing artistic work and their personal brands.

Session 3 : Audience Development and Engagement

This session will enable participants to understand and establish the relation between artistic practice and audience behavior. The participants will learn how to build a comprehensive audience development and engagement plan keeping their artistic goals in context.

Session 4: Measuring Impact

​​This session will emphasize the importance of analysing the impact of the marketing efforts. This will include understanding the qualitative and quantitative insights, how to derive them and how to interpret them to further develop marketing strategies.

B. Brand 21 : Design & Develop your Brand

Having a well-planned branding strategy for an artist or an arts organisation can help in building meaningful connections with audiences and unlock new opportunities.Beyond presenting their art, it is imperative to actively think about creating value for their audiences, stakeholders and the arts ecosystem at large.

Brand 21 will help in defining your vision, exploring your personal story and creating the personal brand identity. We will work with you to identify your goals and prioritize them, etch your brand identity and create a roadmap with an actionable plan, in 21 days.

  • Defining your Vision and articulation of your Personal story

  • Define your Artistic Identity (Visual Identity, Verbal Tone, & Values)

  • Define Executable Goals

  • Map Your Audience Segments

  • 3-Month Actionable Plan

  • Personal Brand Dossier

C. Instagram 21: Create an Aesthetically-Aligned and Professional Instagram Profile

Create an aesthetically-aligned and professional Instagram profile in 21-days. We will work with you to identify your Instagram goals, develop a visual identity, craft a tone for your content and help create posts. At the end of the engagement with us, you will get a restyled Instagram handle, and have a 30-Day plan for your profile.

  • Goal setting for Instagram

  • Setting up (or) Revamping the profile

  • Archival and Clean up of the existing page.

  • Visual Tone – Development

  • Content Tone – Development

  • 6 Instagram post creation as per guidelines

  • 30-Day Kickstarter plan

  • Instagram (Guidelines and Tips)

D. YouTube 21: Build your YouTube Channel to Showcase your Work, Develop Viewership and Create more Visibility

Build your YouTube Channel to showcase your work, develop viewership and create more visibility. In this 21-day engagement we will work with you to organize and document your videos and media content, develop a visual aesthetic for your channel, train you on the Channel basics and develop a 30-day actionable plan.

  • Goal Setting for YouTube

  • Create/Revamp Profile & Channel Basics

  • Playlist and Structure of Existing Content

  • Develop a Visual Aesthetic for the Channel

  • Video Structure: Development and Design

  • SEO, Keyword & Hashtag Assistance

  • 30- Day Kickstarter Plan

  • YouTube (Guidelines & Tips)

E. Designing to Communicate & Creating with Canva

Creating good and impactful designs is an integral part of building your brand, and is also an effective communication approach. Whether you are an artist or an arts organisation, a consistent design aesthetic helps bring your brand identity to life and helps build a positive impression with your audience.

In this 90-minute session you will learn how you can leverage good designs to grow your brand and audience.

F. Developing a Website for Artistes

“Do we really need a website? We are present on social media, we have Facebook, Instagram pages (or other social profiles). Does it still make sense to have a website?”

We at ArtSpire are often asked these questions by Artists and Arts Organisations and the answer is an unequivocal yes. Here are a few key reasons why a website is an essential digital asset for you.

  • It is a one-stop destination

  • A way for audiences to discover you

  • Helps unlock new opportunities

  • Helps you showcase your art the way you want it

If you would like further information about any of the above initiatives write to us or DM us on Instagram @teamartspire


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