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ArtSpire Learning Session | Arts Marketing & Audience Development

ArtSpire Learning Session | Arts Marketing & Audience Development

A 3-day intensive for Performing Arts Institutions


Today, artists and arts institutions are expected to be versatile and skilled, not just in creating their art or artistic initiative, but in managing the business of the art as well. And marketing is one of the most crucial activities for artists and institutions to consistently work on, in order to stay relevant amidst all the clutter.

Over the past five years since its inception, ArtSpire has done significant work in Arts Marketing helping arts institutions building audiences and generate revenue through strategically planned marketing initiatives.

This Learning Session presented by ArtSpire offers an in-depth understanding on the fundamentals of marketing for the Indian Performing Arts sector. You will learn the key principles and thinking required as a performing arts institution to develop a marketing strategy.


  • Learn to apply the core marketing principles in your own artistic practice or your initiatives.

  • Identify who your target audiences are and build a communications approach to engage with them

  • Build a comprehensive marketing plan customised for your institution

  • Understand marketing data and make informed decisions based on the data


Session 1 : Introduction to Arts Marketing

This session will explore the role of Arts Marketing in the context of Indian Performing Arts, how it has evolved and its relevance today.

Session 2 : Developing an Arts Marketing Mindset

This session will delve into the importance of cultivating a marketing thinking and how understanding the “Self” plays a crucial role in Arts Marketing. Participants will learn the various aspects of marketing artistic work and their institution’s brand.

Session 3 : Audience Development and Engagement

This session will enable participants to understand and establish the relation between artistic practice and audience behavior. The participants will learn how to build a comprehensive audience development and engagement plan keeping their artistic goals in context.

Session 4: Measuring Impact

​​This session will emphasize the importance of analysing the impact of the marketing efforts. This will include understanding the qualitative and quantitative insights, how to derive them and how to interpret them to further develop marketing strategies.


  • Upcoming or Professional Indian Performing Artists

  • Indian Performing Arts Organizations & Institutions

  • Performing Arts Venues & Spaces

  • Festival & Event Curators of Indian Performing Arts

  • Arts Managers

If you are interested to present this session at your institution, please share your details in the form below, and an ArtSpire team member will reach out to you.

For any questions or for more information please write to



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