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Breaking Your Reservations About Sharing On Social Media

Do you have reservations sharing your art and life on Social Media?

Then this 2-minute read is just for you. These simple intriguing questions and answers will help you reflect on your readiness to share.

Are you ready to share?

Answering this question truthfully becomes the most important step in cultivating a marketing mindset. As an artist, are you prepared to present your life, thoughts, and your art to the outside world? Are you comfortable with someone either known or unknown having an opinion about your life and openly commenting on it? Are you in a space to bring your water levels down and interact with a wide range of audience?

What do I want to share?

Every life is a story and social media becomes our platform to share the story. Anything posted on social media should be an extension of your life, your thoughts, personality, and personal preferences. It is not essential that it has to fall under a specific framework. The kind of content that you can share can be interesting, interactive, intriguing, introspective, educational, slice of life, opinion-based etc. Now, what combination and type of posts you choose to share defines your social media persona and what you want your audience to know about you. This, ideally, must be an authentic reflection of your real self.

Who do I want to share with?

By building awareness about who could be your potential audience, you are shedding your boundaries and opening yourself up to compliments and criticisms. There are many ways to build an intelligent and engaged audience base, who follows your work very closely. While doing this, you are tapping into a resource of available people and enabling them to become your exclusive audience, much like how you would interact on stage.

Why do I want to share?

Defining the purpose and intention of your sharing helps you to convince yourself of all the advantages social media offers. The purpose generally ties up to your larger goals of achieving a particular milestone. Classifying your content as selling, memories, your journey, your image and more, helps you feel at ease about posting on social media.

If you have answered these questions in the affirmative then you are ready to embark on the journey of building your brand by yourself on social media. If you are still unsure, please connect with ArtSpire and we would be happy to provide you with the guidance on how you could approach and build your brand strategically and meaningfully. Email us or DM us on Instagram.


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