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Do Artists, Arts Organisations Need a Website?

Do Artists, Arts Organisations Need a Website?

The Answer is An Unequivocal Yes.

“Do we really need a website? We are present on social media, we have Facebook, Instagram pages (or other social profiles). Does it still makes sense to have a website?” We at ArtSpire are often asked these questions, by Artists and Arts Organisations. Well, the answer is an unequivocal yes. Here are a few key reasons why a website is an essential digital asset for you.

  1. Create a One-Stop Destination: Websites provide a one-stop-destination to showcase a comprehensive view of yourself or your organization. It is an integral part of your online presence where you bring it all together, your past work, current projects, philosophy, team, achievements, press articles, interviews etc.

  2. Take Full Control: Websites give you complete control over how you want to showcase your work – in terms of design, content, format and the entire experience you want to give your audience.

  3. Let Audience Discover You: With a lot of content available online, audiences are always exploring new content across artistic genres. Having a website presence increases your chances of being found by interested audiences. Once they find your website, they can learn more about you and that gives you the opportunity to connect and engage with them, and eventually convert them into followers.

  4. Unlock New Opportunities: Websites are imperative when you are exploring a larger arts ecosystem, beyond your circle of influence. For potential organisers, festival directors and other artists who are looking to engage or collaborate, your website will and should be the first touchpoint to convey an authentic and professional representation of you and your work.

  5. Social Profiles vs. Website: This is like comparing apples and oranges. Social profiles and websites serve different purposes. While social media allows you to provide regular updates and engage with your followers, websites provide a holistic view about who you are, and what you do. They complement each other and each platform ideally should connect to each other, to maintain synergy between communications. For example, social media can be used to drive traffic back to your website, and the website must have links that take your audience to your social pages.

Are you convinced? If yes, learn more about the specific aspects of building a website, in our blog here – FIVE Essential Technical Things to Know Before You Build Your Website

Do you have questions about building (or re-building) a website? Please connect with us at or DM/Inbox us.


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