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Social Presence Simplified in 60 Minutes

Social Presence Simplified in 60 Minutes

Are you an artist or an arts organization? Take time to declutter and put those blocks together! Yes, we are talking about your Social Presence.

At ArtSpire, we have put together simple 60-minute sessions that will give you some insights into the easy essentials to leverage the digital space and build an audience (for artists and art institutions).

In phase 1, we have 3 learning sessions lined up for you

Website & Digital Presence – Design your online presence and deep dive into why you need to be out there

Make your Swipe Count – Tips on 6 major social media platforms to help you navigate!

Instagram De-mystified – Crack the Algorithm by Storytelling through Visuals


These sessions are free and completely online. Register for the sessions that interest you and we will get back to you with the dial-in details closer to time.

To know where you stand, you can also sign up for our Digital Assets Audit. During this exercise we will assess all your digital assets, (eg: Social Profiles, Websites, YouTube, Bio etc.,) and share our recommendations.


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