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About: Team Members

Founder & Director

A performing arts connoisseur, Ramya derives great inspiration from the artistic creations of others. She founded ArtSpire to support arts and culture organisations and artists, with professional expertise in marketing, management & strategic growth.


In a career spanning over 22 years in strategic communications and arts management, she has worked with Indian and global clients and partners, in the non-profit, corporate, startup, and the arts and culture sectors. Her professional expertise includes arts management, business strategy, marketing, branding, public relations and client relationship management.


She has worked with teams and stakeholders across diverse sectors, seniority levels, and professional backgrounds creating highly positive, productive and collaborative work environments. Ramya’s innate ability to connect and build meaningful relationships, has helped her develop highly-motivated teams and create enduring partnerships.


Prior to founding ArtSpire, Ramya was the Project Director at Inception Business Services, a marketing consulting firm in Chennai, where she was responsible for driving the marketing communication strategies for brands across various sectors.  Prior to that she led the Resource Mobilisation initiatives at NalandaWay Foundation, an arts-based NGO. She is currently on the Board of Trustees of NalandaWay Foundation. Earlier in her career, Ramya was a Consulting Associate at Genesis Burson-Marsteller, an International PR firm, where she  managed and executed PR campaigns for several technology MNCs.


She has a Master’s in Communications from Portland State University, Oregon, USA & a Diploma from London School of Journalism. 


Ramya loves travelling, is a passionate foodie and a yoga enthusiast.


Senior Consultant, Toronto

Aishwarya’s motivation lies in working with visionaries, innovative and experimental thought leaders. In a career spanning over 10 years in the corporate communications sector, Aishwarya has built herself as a strategic communications leader who drives change through communication and engagement.  She has worked in multinational companies including Scope International (Chennai) and Shell Inc. (Chennai), leading internal communications campaigns and corporate events.

Aishwarya is a Senior Consultant for ArtSpire and is based in Toronto, Canada. Aishwarya leads a diverse portfolio of clients developing organisational and marketing strategies for arts institutions, branding strategies along with goal and opportunity management plans for artists, as well as planning and managing festivals, workshops and performing arts productions. She spearheads our initiatives in the North American region.

A digital marketing specialist, she also develops marketing strategies and social media campaigns for ArtSpire’s clients with audience development and revenue generation at the heart of the strategy.


A professionally trained Bharatanatyam dancer, Aishwarya loves everything arts and culture. High-spirited and dynamic, she draws immense energy from creative pursuits including storytelling, writing and indulging in visual creativity.Aishwarya has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Media and an MBA in Marketing.


Programme Manager

An avid art enthusiast, a passionate dancer, and an innovative teacher, Tirtha is driven by a vision to contribute to the development and proliferation of Arts Management in India.


She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts (Bharatanatyam) from SASTRA University, Thanjavur, and a Master’s in International Art Management from SMU Dallas, HEC Montreal, and SDA Bocconi. Learning from experts across the globe equipped her with a holistically developed skill set of varied arts management practices.

Tirtha’s strength lies in her ability to grasp concepts effectively and authentically translate ideas into action. She is responsible for content development and planning and execution of social media campaigns for ArtSpire’s clients

As a performer, Tirtha has been the recipient of several awards and national scholarships. She is a senior disciple at the Soundarya Natya Kalalaya Foundation, Mumbai, and has been independently managing a branch of this well-renowned institution for over ten years.

Tirtha is currently based in Mumbai. Apart from her love for the arts, Tirtha enjoys chess, swimming, trekking, and yoga.


Programme Manager


Krishna is an engineering graduate who comes with immense passion for the Indian classical arts. She has been learning Mohiniyattam for over 12 years and actively engages in conversing about art and associated ideas.

A dynamic and people-person, Krishna enjoys bringing people together for a shared purpose. Her corporate experience in project management and her keen interest in learning how to combine it with her love for the arts, led her to discover ArtSpire.

Krishna manages several of ArtSpire’s key client relationships, coordinates marketing campaigns and supports in planning and execution of artistic initiatives.

Krishna is an avid reader, a movie buff and enjoys painting.


Asst Programme Manager

A post-graduate in Public Relations, Mangalam’s love for the arts, communication and marketing encouraged her to join ArtSpire. She comes with career experiences, in project management, communications and customer engagement.

As a programme associate Mangalam manages the social media planning and execution, for artists and arts organisations in her portfolio. She is a high-energy and focused team member who thrives in driven and collaborative environments.

An aspiring musician and a passionate football player, Mangalam enjoys traveling and spending time with her pet.


Programme Associate

Archana Murali is a dynamic individual with an insatiable curiosity for global affairs and the arts. With a true passion for Indian Classical music, Archana has dedicated 15 years to honing her skills in this captivating art form. Her love for Classical music and her academic background in business and marketing led her to explore arts management as a career. 

At ArtSpire, Archana manages key client portfolios including managing their day-to-day administrative tasks, social media marketing & management and opportunity development.

Archana pursued her academic journey at two prestigious institutions, Christ University in Bangalore and MOP Vaishnav College in Chennai. 

Archana enjoys traveling, collecting memories like precious gems along the way. And when it's time for some good-natured fun, you'll find her at the table, bringing out her inner child with board games.


Programme Associate

Varshaa is a sales and business development professional with over 5+ years experience in the business world. 

Being a classical dancer, her passion for performing arts and her innate ability to connect with people brought her to the world of arts management. At ArtSpire, she manages the social media marketing, planning and executing of artistic initiatives for some of our key clients.

Passionate about both cooking and indulging in delicious food, she finds immense pleasure in preparing delectable dishes as well as savoring them with gusto.


Administrative Officer

Subha, has entered the crease to play her second innings as Administrative Officer at ArtSpire. A customer engagement specialist, she has reentered the workforce after a sabbatical of 15 years. At ArtSpire, Subha handles the accounts, administration and vendor management. 

Subha is an ardent rasika of Carnatic music having learned it for many years. She is a movie buff who enjoys watching serious movies as well as loves to binge-watch mindless movies that provide a delightful escape.


Programme Associate

Anjali is an ardent arts and culture advocate with over 15 years of diverse leadership experience. Her journey combines a rich international perspective with dynamic organizational and project management skills. With a Master's in Arts Administration from Indiana University, USA, and a background in project management, marketing, fundraising, event management, and architecture, Anjali is passionate about promoting and preserving arts, history, and culture while fostering growth and engagement in the cultural sector.

As a programme associate Anjali manages the social media planning and execution, for artists and arts organisations in her portfolio.

Anjali is trained in multiple classical art forms spanning music and dance for 20+ years is also a classically trained singer. She enjoys exploring new pop melodies on her guitar and piano in her free time.

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Programme Manager

Namrata Ratnam is an artist and arts management professional with a passion for fostering creativity and facilitating connections within the artistic community. As a Programme Manager at ArtSpire, Namrata plays a pivotal role in managing a diverse portfolio of clients, managing their marketing and artistic initiatives.


Previously Namrata was an Independent communications designer and illustrator working on several projects pertaining to designing innovative systems and addressing design challenges from concept to implementation.


Namrata is the founder of Paint Box, a transformative community art project that

transcends the boundaries of conventional art. Through Paint Box, Namrata harnessed the power of collective creativity, rallying volunteers to breathe new life into community spaces through vibrant murals and installations. She has also planned and managed two editions of a travelling Kabir Music festival in Rajasthan curating talents from across India. Namrata is a nature enthusiast and a yoga practitioner.

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