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ArtSpire Digital Assets Audit Session

Are you an artist or an arts organisation? Would you like to set aside some time in the coming days to review your digital presence and look at potential ways to enhance it? ArtSpire invites you to sign up with us for a 90 minute Digital Assets Audit Session (pro-bono). During this exercise we will assess all your digital assets, (eg: Social Profiles, Websites, YouTube, Bio etc.,) and share our recommendations.

We believe this is an opportunity for us to use our time, resources and our collective experience for the benefit of the arts community, while practicing social distancing. As an organisation we are passionate about helping arts practitioners connect and engage with their audiences effectively, and needless to say social media is critical to this engagement.

Digital Assets Audit | Here are the Steps:

STEP 1: Sign Up: Please fill up this form. This will help us get to know you and get us started on this process.

STEP 2: Connect: Once we receive your filled form, ArtSpire team member will connect with you via email and setup a potential date/time for an online video call.

STEP 3: Review: In the meanwhile, ArtSpire team will internally review all the digital assets that you have shared with us and consolidate our inputs.

STEP 4: Consultation: ArtSpire team will then take you through our assessments of your social pages and share potential areas of enhancements for each asset/ platform.

STEP 5: Report: Post the Online call we will share a document with recommendations to help enhance your digital presence.

Have questions? Please write to us at


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