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Five YouTube Channels that you must follow if you love Indian Classical music.

This is an annual festival in England that presents the best of Indian Classical music from around the world.

A Mumbai based acompany that curates and organises live performing events in music, dance and theatre with artistes across the country and the world. They are known to capture the essence of the live experience by not compromising on the sound and video quality. A real treat for both the eyes and the ears.


The National Centre for the Performing Arts, Mumbai is India’s premier performing arts, centre. They present both Indian and international art forms, and engage in the promotion of excellence and the preservation of Indian & international cultural heritage.

Prakriti Foundation is an arts presenting company that has been instrumental in broadening the cultural spectrum in Chennai through a variety of festivals and initiatives enquiring into the Indian performing arts, literature and heritage.

For the connoisseurs of the sub-genre of Carnatic music in the broad and varied spectrum of Indian Music, INRECO has a rich palette of vocal and instrumental pieces by some of the accomplished artistes of Carnatic Music.


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