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​​Impact of Social & Digital Media on Indian Classical Arts, during the Pandemic

​​Impact of Social & Digital Media on Indian Classical Arts, during the Pandemic

A research study conducted by ArtSpire (India) & Earthen Lamp (UK)

If you wish to download the complete research report, please click here.

About the Research Study:

Social and digital media trends have been constantly evolving over the past decade. In India, social media has significantly changed the way audiences discover, perceive and consume the arts. It has changed the way artists connect and engage with their audiences. While this digital evolution was previously seen to moderately impact the Indian classical arts sector, a major trigger for this transition was the Covid- 19 pandemic that hit India in March 2020. With the cultural events coming to a standstill due to the pandemic, artists and audiences were forced to stay at home and they resorted to digital mediums for sharing and accessing content. Artists began to use social and digital mediums to present art, teach art, stream content and for online ticketing as well. With more audiences taking to digital space and with no other platform for artists available during the pandemic, social media became the primary platform for sharing and engagement.

To explore the impact of social & digital media on Indian classical arts and its explosion during the pandemic, ArtSpire, an India-based arts management and consulting and Earthen Lamp, a UK-based cultural research and training company joined forces to develop a research approach to especially understand digital trends pertaining to the Indian classical arts sector.

The findings from the study will give readers a broad understanding of the impact of social and digital media on Indian classical artists in terms of professional growth, networking, brand development and audience development. The report has been made publicly accessible and aims to contribute to the development of statistical data specific to the Indian classical arts sector.


If you wish to download the complete research report, please click here.

About ArtSpire, India

ArtSpire is an arts management and consulting company based in Chennai, India & Toronto, Canada, specialising in the development and management of artistic initiatives. They work with arts organisations, venues and artists, supporting them to develop, implement and sustain their artistic initiatives. They understand the challenges facing the arts sector and provide practical and customised advisory and consultation, based on their collective experience in the field. We provide support across strategy, programming, communications, and operations.

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About Earthen Lamp, UK

Earthen Lamp exists to bring bright thinking to cultural and heritage organisations and creative businesses. At the heart of their work is a deep knowledge and understanding of the arts and culture, the policy context and the creative industries. Since 2011, we have worked across the creative sector providing market research and feasibility studies, evaluation, impact assessments and strategy development support. We’ve worked with local authorities, heritage and cultural bodies contributing to their development, tourism, business partnership and regeneration priorities.

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