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Switch Today to an Instagram Professional Account

Switch Today to an Instagram Professional Account

Professional Accounts can be both Creator or Business Accounts on Instagram. While both types of accounts cater to different audience segments, they have identical features.

Creator accounts work well for personal brands, artists, content creators and influencers. Instagram has recently encouraged creators by stating that they will push their content and enable them to – nurture and build their following as well as a robust monetisation strategy. For this, it is absolutely essential for you to have a creators account.

Business accounts are meant for brands and influencers who have already built in their monetization strategy.

Lets deep dive into a highlights of what a professional account has to offer:

  • Professional Dashboard: It might be in vain if you are posting all day with limited knowledge about how the posts are actually helping you. Using the professional dashboard will help you track your performance, access and discover professional tools, and explore educational information curated by Instagram focussed on creators.

  • Insights: Tracking Instagram Insights is your key to consistently building your pages. The information you gather through these insights help you devise a robust strategy for your Instagram presence. You can also view insights for specific posts you’ve created to see how each one has performed and how people are engaging with them.-

  • Linked Permissions: When you link an Instagram account to a Facebook Page, admins, editors and other Page roles will have equal permissions on the associated Instagram account. You also gain access to the creators studio which allows you to use a desktop to create your content. As a creator or an artist it helps you manage posting, scheduling more efficiently.

  • Customized Buttons: Professional accounts come with an option of customizable buttons. You will be able to include location, a phone number and/or an email address in buttons where people can contact you with a single click.

  • Secondary Inbox: Your inbox will be segmented between primary and general enabling automatic message segmentation. You can use this inbox to organize your messages and control notifications.

  • Ranked Requests: You will be able to sort your requests by the received date or by top accounts. For an account with a large following, this feature helps in prioritizing.

At ArtSpire, when we work with Artists, the first step we do is to convert the Instagram account into a creator or a business account based on their goals. If you are an artist who is keen to make Instagram your primary platform for sharing your art and developing your audience, we recommend you make the switch today. To learn how to switch to a professional account, check out the reels we posted recently on our Instagram page(@teampartspire)


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