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What is Arts Management

I. WHAT IS ARTS MANAGEMENT Arts Management also called Arts Administration is a specialised field where management and business functions are applied in the world of arts. It combines the tools of business such as management, marketing, strategic and financial planning, fundraising, audience building and community outreach – facilitating effective functioning of arts entities.


  • Performing Artistes

  • Visual Artists

  • Art Institutions

  • Performing Arts Organisations Arts Venues, Galleries, Museums, Libraries, Arts Collectives etc.


Arts and Cultural organisations need arts managers who are passionate about the arts and their work. Arts managers come from varied fields including marketing, humanities, journalism, business etc. What really makes an Arts Manager effective is the skill sets and professionalism that they bring to facilitate the efficient functioning of artists and arts organisations both as an artistic and business entity.

a. Following are a few examples of roles ​​Arts Managers facilitate for arts organizations & artistes :

  • Curate, plan and organise performances & festivals

  • Develop new projects and initiatives

  • Strategizing and executing marketing and publicity initiatives

  • Write grants and fundraising for specific initiatives

  • Plan and manage financials and budgeting

  • Administrative and operation support for venues, arts organisations and artistes

  • Strategic planning and development for organisations

  • Content writing & designing

  • Strategizing and planning new initiatives and executing the same

b. Below are a few key skills required for Arts Managers

  • A passion for the Arts

  • Communication and interpersonal skills

  • Business and/or Creative Writing skills

  • Organisational & Time Management skills

  • Problem Solving

  • Strategic Thinking

  • Marketing and Audience Development mindset

  • Ability to work with diverse teams and stakeholders

  • Ability to work in dynamic environments


The Arts Management in the Indian Performing Arts sector is evolving. While the role of arts manager is not yet clearly defined, there are multiple organizationz and individuals across the country working towards furthering the performing arts and the arts management sector through capacity building initiatives, learning programmes, fellowships and more. ArtSpire also recently launched the “ArtSpire Mentorship Program” to train and nurture skilled Arts Managers for the Performing Arts sector in India.

Following are broadly the goals of arts managers in the Performing Arts:

  • Build new audiences for the Arts

  • Make Indian Performing Arts and Artistes sustainable

  • Create platforms for arts and audiences to connect and engage

  • Create avenues nationally and international for the Indian Performing Arts to be presented

  • Provide avenues for students and individuals to explore arts through a business perspective

Interested to learn more about arts management? Take a look at out Mentorship Program here, connect with us at or DM us on Instagram @teamartspire


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